09 Aug 2016
Website Security

Website Security

What price do you put on “Peace of Mind”? Knowing your website is safe and secure from the thousands of hacking attacks your site may need to ward off.

Over the past year or so, the WordPress Community has noticed a dramatic increase in the number of hacking attempts on websites that are using WordPress. Airkraft wants our customers to wake up in the morning and feel secure that Airkraft has their back and there sites are safe in our hands.

Below are a few tips to start the process of protecting your site:

#Tip 1 Make sure any username for your WordPress site is not a word.

For example do not use:

  • Your first name (ex: Sarah)
  • The site name (ex: Acme)
  • Admin
  • Administrator, etc.

A good example for a username would be initials that do not make up a word.

For example: BQWPYMWTXQ

#Tip 2 Make sure you enter a strong password for each user.

Upon initial installation of your WordPress site, you can go to the link below to generate a strong password.

Click here to generate a Strong Password.

To change the password of an existing user, perform the following steps:

  • Log in to Admin Panel
  • On the left-hand pane navigate to Users
  • Hover over the appropriate user to display a sub-menu
  • Click the Edit hyperlink
  • Scroll down to the Account Management area
  • Click the Generate Password button
  • Click the Update Profile button to confirm changes
#Tip 3 De-activate and remove any plugins that you are not using.

Hackers are always looking for a way in to your site. De-activating and removing unused plugins is another step you can take.

Contact Airkraft today to get started with one of the plans outlined below:


Security Plan 1
per month
Wordfence Free Version
Monthly Monitoring of Hackers
Monthly Wordfence Scan
Monthly Back-Up of Site + Database
Security Plan 2
per month
Wordfence Paid Version
Weekly Monitoring of Hackers
Weekly Wordfence Scan
Weekly Back-Up of Site + Database
Security Plan 3
per month
SiteLock Protection
Weekly Monitoring of Hackers
Weekly Wordfence Scan
Weekly Back-Up of Site + Database


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